Southern Pride BBQ Smokers

Southern pride BBQ smokers

Anyone that takes grilling seriously knows the Southern Pride name and their commitment to quality. Located in Marion, IL (but moving to Tennessee soon) they have an extensive catalog of barbecue pits and smokers for commercial use. Three areas that they excel in are electric, mobile and gas ovens. When you see the Southern Pride logo on a smoker or oven you know that whatever is inside is going to come out tasting delicious.

What sets them apart from other grill, oven and smoker manufacturers Their dedication to making quality products that cling to the basics of grilling. The wood burning flavor is something that can never be duplicated by artificial means and there's no way Southern Pride would ever think about trying to skimp on material or assembly. The biggest perk Once you load it with wood and meat and set the temperature control your job is done. No flipping or worrying that something is going to be over or under cooked.

Restaurants that have made the choice to have Southern Pride products in their cook area get inundated with comments and compliments. Three local barbeque joints have them and I can say with 100% honesty that you can definitely tell the difference between the authentic barbeque taste from one of their cookers and something that is made with artificial flavorings.

The owner of Rob's Ribs has one of the mobile ovens that he uses for tailgating. As soon as he fires it up people gravitate towards his section of the parking lot anxiously awaiting his homemade sausage, perfectly grilled burgers and of course some of the most delicious, finger licking ribs you will ever eat. I've had barbeque from all over the United States as well as overseas and without mincing words, anything that's cooked inside a Southern Pride Cooker or smoker is going to have a better taste without the work of turning, flipping or constantly tending to what's being cooked.

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